A Letter from Dr. Pop

Learn about Dr. Pop’s transition into Appalachian Veterinary Services in this letter to our clients.

Hello Everyone!

I would like to introduce myself as the newest member of the Appalachian Veterinary Services team. I am Dr. Alexandru Pop and I started with Appalachian Veterinary Services in July of 2020 as the new owner of the practice, thus allowing Dr. Kim Bridges and Dr. Kent Adams to enjoy their much-deserved retirement from an incredible veterinary practice. Dr. Bridges and Dr. Adams have fostered and developed Appalachian Veterinary Services into a wonderful practice over the last thirty years. I believe the standard of patient care and everyone involved at the clinic is an excellent example of how a veterinary practice can strive to enrich and improve the lives of their patients and always be there for their clients. I hope to continue in their footsteps, taking the leadership of Appalachian and with the help of the amazing doctors and team members already at the practice to continue caring for your pets and farm animals for many years to come.

I have moved to Riner after practicing in Coastal North Carolina with my other half, Mary, and our furry family member, Cali. I received my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and bachelor’s degree from North Carolina State University. Yes, I am aware that Mary and I are both State fans by Alum and that we are entering Hokie territory…we’ll see if we are capable of being converted (although you Hokie fans are DIE HARD and I LOVE it!) I have also pursued additional training so that I may bring more modalities to my patient care and business management, including an e-commerce business as well as building several social media channels. I am also a big car enthusiast, love hiking and spending time outdoors, as well as taking on DIY projects.

My main goal as a veterinarian is to develop and maintain animal health by putting a strong emphasis on transparent relationships, trustworthy education and creating the most enriching and positive veterinary experience possible. We are problem solvers. One of my biggest passions is start-up sustainable farming, and helping anyone interested in being involved with animals feel confident in the world of animal husbandry. I try to live everyday by the motto “Help people, help animals.” My specific interests include ophthalmology, technology in medicine, data analysis and ruminant medicine. Whether an animal is your companion or your livelihood, I feel that our job as veterinarians is to help clients be the best pet and animal owners they can be, in whatever capacity that may be.

It is with great enthusiasm that I embark on the journey of getting to know all of you and your beloved pets and farms. I will bring caring hands and a sincere attention to detail to every opportunity I have to earn your trust. I truly believe the team at Appalachian Veterinary Services is extraordinary, and I hope in the years to come I will be able to call you my friends as we share in the love, challenges and joy that comes with sharing our lives with animals.


Dr. Alexandru M. Pop, D.V.M.