Small Ruminant Services

We aspire to create innovative approaches to ensure the continued success of our small flocks and herds.

Deworming and Parasite Management

Goats need routine fecal exams and an up to date deworming strategy in order to stay healthy and disease-free. Stomach worms can consume up to one and a half pints of blood per day! Let’s keep your kids happy, bouncy, and playful for years to come.


Sheep and goats need yearly vaccines to keep them healthy and free of disease. Our team of experienced practitioners will help you decide which vaccines are right for your animals, administer them properly and even show you how to administer them if you’d like to do them yourself!

Surgery and Disbudding

We perform castrations on all ages of animals, disbud kids, and anything in between in a low-stress and often pain-free procedure.

Sick Appointments

Emergency Services

Pregnancy Checking

We can help answer the question of whether or not you’ll have screaming kids or lambs any time soon! From instant results via ultrasound or a blood test, you’ll no longer have to wait and wonder.


It’s never an easy decision. We approach end-of-life with care, understanding, and compassion. We will support you every step of the way and make the experience as comfortable as possible for you and your animal. We are always here for you, especially on the worst days.