Beef & Dairy Cattle Services

Our veterinarians will partner with you to develop custom-tailored herd health programs to help you reach your goals. 

Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR)

We are required by federal law to maintain an active Veterinary Client Patient Relationship (VCPR) with all clients. This means one of our veterinarians must be on the farm once a year at minimum to see your animals and discuss medication use, health protocols, and any other concerns in order to remain eligible to purchase prescription medications from us. Are you new to our practice and need to establish a VCPR for the first time? No worries, we can help your operation get established so your herd health goes uninterrupted.

Breeding Soundness Exams

Bull breeding soundness exams are one of the best ways to ensure your bull is ready to do his job before turning him out with your cows and heifers. Our vets can help determine semen quality and motility, so there is no wondering if everything is functioning properly before it’s too late.

On-Site Pharmacy

We stock a variety of vaccines, dewormers, antibiotics, lactating and dry cow treatments, and much more right here in our clinic, so it is quickly and conveniently available to you—no need to track it down. We also store our vaccines in coolers with remote temperature monitoring and 24-hour temperature and humidity alarms. You can be confident that any vaccines you get from us will be properly stored and clinically effective.

Dairy Herd Health Checks

One of the leading losses of production and efficiency in any dairy herd is medical expenses due to chronic disease. By maintaining regular herd checks, we can survey herds more effectively and frequently to continuously improve health protocols and other farm SOP’s to lessen disease incidence and increase animal health, welfare, and profitability. We utilize modern mobile ultrasound to make an accurate reproductive diagnosis and help you make breeding, culling, and treatment decisions to maximize your herd’s potential.

Pregnancy Checking

Pregnancy checking is one of the most valuable practices cattle producers can utilize to improve herd genetics and keep costs low continuously. Feeding an open cow through the winter can cost upwards of $400 per head in feed alone before factoring in land use, fuel, equipment wear and tear, and increased labor cost. Services are charged hourly. However, we find that eliminating just one open animal from your feed bill by pregnancy checking typically pays for the pregnancy check cost.

Beef Herd Health Programs

We utilize the most progressive data analysis software and reports to help keep track of the health and performance of our client herds. We can help make better culling and breeding decisions, achieve more efficient feed conversion, tighter calving seasons and improve animal health to ensure your goals are always met and your operation carries a strong reputation.


Cattle require different immunizations depending on their stage of production and environment. There is no “one-size-fits-all” vaccine protocol, and that is where we come in. Whether you are selling calves, feeding stockers, or keeping a pet, we will help you achieve your goals. We always store, transport, and administer our vaccines properly to ensure that your animals always receive a clinically effective dose.

Artificial Insemination

Health Certificates

24 Hour Emergency

We understand that emergencies happen, and Appalachian is equipped to help in the most cost-effective and efficient way possible. Day, night, weekend, or holiday. Our team of large animal doctors rotates calls, so your vet on-call is always available and is rested, fresh, and ready to triage and treat emergencies with a clear mind. We will discuss all options and costs with you to make sure you are making the right call before we begin. From down cows, calvings, and prolapses, to weak calves, scours, DA’s, and C-sections, we’ve seen it all, and you can always rely on Appalachian to be there when you need us most and be happy to help.

Our Afterhours Emergency Service Policy

  • Must be an active client to be guaranteed emergency services. In order to be considered an active client, our doctors must have been on your farm and examined your animal(s) for a routine VCPR visit or herd work within the last twelve (12) months.
  • In order to always be available to provide the best possible care for our loyal client base and to keep our team safe, we do not accept new clients after-hours.
  • Emergency fees are an additional charge and vary depending on the time your emergency is seen by our on-call doctors.

Lab Testing

We partner with high standard laboratories to get accurate and timely test results. We can test for a variety of surveillance diseases such as Johnes, TB, and BLV, as well as BVD, anaplasmosis, rabies, and more.