Equine Services

Horses require the same level of care as your household pets if they are to remain happy and healthy throughout their lives. We will help keep your horse on the road to a long and happy life, in a friendly environment where we will never lecture or judge you.

Geriatric Care

Age is not a disease, and with modern medicine, years of quality life can be added to those special horses living out their retirement. Our vets are passionate about geriatric dental care and nutrition and take on rusty stirrups with a smile.


Horses require different vaccines and levels of care depending on their activity and environment. We partner with our clients to help you decide what is best for your horses and custom tailor a vaccination and wellness program for each individual animal. We ensure vaccines are stored, maintained, and administered properly, and help enforce manufacturer based guarantees of efficacy. When your veterinarian vaccinates your horses, you can trust we will be there to support you every step of the way. 

Wellness Exams

Yearly wellness examinations are a standard of practice that we recommend to all clients looking to provide the best care possible to their furry giants. A comprehensive physical exam can help identify disease sooner, and regular nutritional guidance, as well as fecal testing and deworming recommendations, are becoming essential to maintaining health and quality of life. 

Sedation Dentistry

Horses routinely require dental planing or “floating” to ensure they are able to chew and swallow food comfortably, as well as accept a bridle and bit. Poor dental health can result in bad behavior, head shyness, as well as dental disease, malnutrition, and even choke and colic. Sedation dentistry offers a calm, positive, and safe experience for both animal and veterinarian while ensuring a proper oral examination is performed to find loose, cracked, or diseased teeth earlier.


We perform field surgery right at your farm to keep your horse comfortable in their own environment. From mass removals and laceration repairs to castrations (geldings), we perform high-quality surgical procedures using advanced techniques that result in low rates of post-surgical complication and infection.

Coggins Testing

Coggins testing is required for all horses in order to eliminate a deadly, untreatable, and highly contagious disease called Equine Infectious Anemia (EIA). To enforce this eradication program, horses must have an up-to-date negative Coggins test every year to leave their home farm. We provide timely Coggins test collection, submission and results return so you can worry less and ride more.

Lameness Examinations

Lameness examinations and early diagnosis of disease play a key role in the longevity, prognosis, and quality-of-life of both performance and leisure horses. We combine keen eyes, years of sports medicine experience, and high-quality medicine with Digital X-Ray and Ultrasound to best diagnose and advise treatment for mild to severe lameness. From hoof abscesses to laminitis, we can help ensure your horse stays comfortable.

Sick Appointments

For the days when your horse just “Ain’t Doing Right,” we are here to help. We regularly diagnose and treat nasal discharge, coughing, respiratory issues, wounds, skin infections, eye injuries, and other common and uncommon ailments. We also help develop a biosecurity protocol should we diagnose a contagious infectious disease to help keep any other animals at your home safe and healthy.

Pregnancy Diagnosis

We utilize state-of-the-art Ultrasound technology to safely and accurately diagnose and stage pregnancy in mares. Whether on the farm or in our clinic, our doctors can help answer the question that will help you prepare for months to come and help foster a healthy pregnancy by recommending a progressive pregnant mare vaccine protocol to reduce the risk of complications and pregnancy losses.


Equine gastroscopy is a valuable diagnostic tool that allows our veterinarians to visualize and assess the health of several portions of a horse’s gastrointestinal tract. By inserting a small, flexible endoscope through the horse’s nostril and into the stomach, we can diagnose and treat various conditions such as ulcers, infections, and foreign bodies. Our equine gastroscopy services are performed by skilled and experienced veterinarians using the latest equipment and techniques to ensure the comfort and safety of your horse.

Competition & Performance

Whether you have an athlete competing at high levels, a performance horse you enjoy working in the ring or a weekend trail warrior, all horses are prone to develop lameness in their joints associated with strenuous exercise. We offer several options of joint injections, as well as systemic joint supplements to keep your four legged partner feeling and performing their best.

Endocrine Testing

Testing for metabolic diseases can be the missing link in figuring out the cause for multiple complex issues. We only utilize labs with exceptional standards like our own to ensure we get the most accurate, timely, and cost-effective results to help you make healthcare decisions. We can help diagnose Cushing’s disease, metabolic syndrome, as well as other endocrine diseases.


It’s never an easy decision. We approach end-of-life with care, understanding, and compassion. We will support you every step of the way and make the experience as comfortable as possible for you and your animal. We are always here for you, especially on the worst days.

Farrier Consultations

Health Certificates

Microchip Identification

On-Site Pharmacy

We stock a variety of dewormers, antibiotics, performance supplements, and much more right here in our clinic, so it is quickly and conveniently available to you—no need to track it down. You can be confident that any products you get from us will be stored appropriately, not fakes, and clinically effective.

Veterinary Specialist Referral

Even we know when we have reached our limit. It’s within our core values to ‘stay humble.’ If the medical issues presented are more than we can handle or require levels of care we can not provide, we will help you partner with a referral facility to help you and your horse get the help and care you need.

24 Hour Emergency

We understand emergencies happen, and a lot of times, they happen outside of business hours. Appalachian is always here for our clients. Day, night, weekend, or holiday. Our team of large animal doctors rotates calls, so your vet on-call is always available and is rested, fresh, and ready to triage and treat emergencies with a clear mind. From colic and choke to severe lacerations, you can always rely on Appalachian to be there when you need us most and be happy to help.

Our Afterhours Emergency Service Policy

  • Must be an active client to be guaranteed emergency services. In order to be considered an active client, our doctors must have been on your farm and examined your animal(s) for a routine wellness appointment within the last twelve (12) months.
  • In order to always be available to provide the best possible care for our loyal client base and to keep our team safe, we do not accept new clients after-hours.
  • Emergency fees are an additional charge and vary depending on the time your emergency is seen by our on-call doctors.