Large Animal Veterinarians

Veterinary medicine is a demanding career, especially in large animal medicine, and we recognize veterinarians aren’t always well taken care of. We believe you should be. Our focus on team growth and wellness benefits you while benefiting your teammates. You will gain from our growth. Our team focuses on collaboration and encourages new ideas, methods, and techniques.

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Large Animal Veterinarian

At Appalachian Vet, we offer 100% of the large animal services that a general practice veterinary clinic does, and are able to refer emergency surgical cases, or those requiring intensive care and hospitalization to a local University about 15 minutes away. That means our clinical team is able to see a diverse range of cases that enables you to practice a broad range of skills on a wide variety of species. A large team also means learning new skills through ongoing internal training curricula and educational initiatives.

Appalachian Advantage

We have developed an adaptable algorithm to minimize stressful on-call rotations, alleviate the fear of the unknown, and ensure our team has the ability to have clinical support available, 24-7. Our clinic utilizes innovative technology to help doctors connect with clients anywhere, and be able to completely disconnect at the end of the day.

You’ll Live Well

Competitive pay with retention benefits, incentive compensation, and team-based bonuses

IRA and up to 3% company match

Take care of yourself with excellent contributions to your health, dental and vision benefits

Generous paid time off and company-wide holidays

Voluntary short-term disability

Family-friendly benefits such as parental leave and team-member pricing

Celebrate growth and learning with paid CE days, and a substantial CE budget

You’ll be supported and protected with comprehensive PLIT coverage

You’ll Practice Well

We offer 4-day workweeks with adequately scheduled appointment times

Our office team handles calls and uphold boundaries of communication, so you can leave work at the office while being certain that patient needs are being met

Continuous knowledge-sharing, internal training curricula, protocols and access to a supportive professional network

We invest in innovative equipment like Terafloats, mobile digital radiology and ultrasonography, so you have all the tools to excel

After-hours emergency call is shared among all doctors, and you always have access to clinical support

We offer a uniform allowance so our team can work comfortably

We outfit capable, fully stocked and equipped practice vehicles that are company-maintained with all the tools needed to get the job done

We provide free snacks, coffee and educational lunches to keep our team energized and motivated


You love being able to work with clients and help animals, but you might be wishing for more structure and routine in your veterinary career. Our fixed hours and shared call schedule pair perfectly with our wide breadth of patients and farm types. Our cases will grow your skillset amongst different species while allowing you to find a strong sense of purpose in building your specialty and expanding on your interests.

You are excited to see patients, solve tough cases and build your reputation in the community, and want to make sure you’ll get the right mentorship to feel both challenged and supported. With our combined focus on teaching and advancement, our structured, checkpoint-based onboarding outlines are individually tailored for new veterinarians. We set our target to teach critical processes and skills needed to succeed in practice while maintaining a strong emphasis on mental wellness and sustainability.

Our Promises to You

  • We trust our team. This is not a place where you will be micromanaged. We hire brilliant people and give them ownership in what they do.
  • Mentorship and growth are a priority. Our team members are never alone. We take on challenges and solve problems together in the same direction, and always strive to work toward our unified goals.
  • We intend to solve the problem in large animal medicine. We recognize doctors are leaving large animal practices faster than they are entering. We are creating the framework for rewarding and sustainable career paths that rekindle the love and excitement for veterinary medicine.
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