ColiCare from SmartPak

Did you know your horse could qualify for $7500 colic surgery reimbursement?  SmartPak has offered ColiCare since 2012 for horses that are on daily supplementation with their SmartDigest Ultra line of products.  These supplements are designed with prebiotics, yeast and enzymes to encourage gut health and proper function.  There are eligibility requirements for individual horses, which include annual wellness visits from a licensed veterinarian. 

Horse Eligibility:

  • Must reside in the United States
  • Weaned and age 5 months or older
  • Under the direct care of a licensed veterinarian
  • May not have had previous colic/abdominal surgery, a history of chronic colic, or an incidence of colic in the past twelve months

Annual Wellness Requirements:

  • Physical exam from a veterinarian
  • Dental exam from a veterinarian
  • Vaccinations administered by a veterinarian
  • Deworming program developed with veterinarian that includes at least one fecal test and two deworming administrations per year

If you are interested in this program and have questions please see the SmartPak website:

Appalachian Veterinary Services is in no way affiliated with SmartPak or it’s products, however, we are excited about this opportunity to serve you and better your horse’s health.  Annual physical and dental examinations are the best way of finding problems you didn’t even know about and fixing them before they cause problems such as weight loss or poor performance.  Annual fecal examinations allow us to tailor a deworming program for your individual horse.  Finally, vaccinations, especially for rabies and Tetanus, help to ensure your horse is protected against devastating disease and are even more important in terms of public health and protecting yourself.  Please call the us to discuss a wellness program for your horse! 

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